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Confession: I overpack every time, do you?

posted by Anne Marie on April 12, 2013 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Becky

    I have struggled with this issue for years! I don’t usually worry while in the US because I can usually find a discount store to replace forgotten items. However, when traveling internationally, it is a different story. I have overpaceked and had to pay excess baggage fees. I have underpacked and had to pay ourageous laundry fees. My last trip I had to wash clothes in the sink and pray they would dry by morning (they didn’t). I even tried the “pack and pitch” method…wear it once or twice and pitch it (or leave for housekeeping in poorer countries). Lightens the load at the end but it back fired on my last trip. It is even harder when you are a plus size gal in Europe. Try finding a Lane Bryant or Walmart in Europe! Bottom line…it is a trade off. Overpack and pay fees or underpack and pay laundry fees.

  • Marinela Esteves

    I have to boast a little as I’ve figured out how to pack lightly for my week-long international trips. This of course after years of short and long trips, over and underpacking. I believe the important things is to give in to some needs but not all, so for me I always pack 2 extra tops so I can play around with my outfits a little, AND my makeup palette has a bunch of shadows, 2 blushes, 4 lip glosses, eye brow shadow and 4 eyeliners so I can get creative with my look without feeling like i’m sacrificing by packing lightly. My recipe is the following: 1. Check the WEATHER 2.) On a 5-day trip I pack 3 complete days and use clothes in which I can combine for the other 2 days. 3.) I pack my wardrobe essential – a Cashmere Scarf that keeps me warm in the plane and on cool days/nights, a Fabulous Fitted Jacket (i love my Ralph Lauren navy blue jacket with the gold emblem) and a Pair of Flats – these essentials combine well with my daily outfits and my plane outfit so I feel I get A LOT of usage out of them. 4) I bring 3 pairs of shoes including the ones I wear on the plane…so I pick shoes that go with my outfits) 5) I’ve streamlined my makeup bag by getting a compact with eyeshadows, blushes, lip gloss, eyebrow shadow….this palette is not that small, its a good sized and give a ton of choices to feed my urge to be creative with my look. 6) Lastly I TRY ON all my outfits (including shoes/pantyhose/bras/belts etc…to make sure they WORK, and I pack the outfits after I’ve tried them on, so that I don’t forget a key element of an outfit. 6) Lastly, I use a checklist for toiletries which has reduced duplicates or missing key items like makeup remover or eye drops (which are always hard to find internationally).
    By following this recipe I generally don’t duplicate anything. I always want to bring an extra pair of shoes but I’ve also realized that I feel more secure and sane when I’ve packed lightly. This recipe works for me, hope it helps you ; )

  • Julie Bestry, CPO®

    Having just come back, hours ago, from the National Association of Professional Organizers conference (mere hours ago), I’m now doing laundry. Lots and lots of laundry, because I packed lots and lots of clothing. I think you hit the nail on the head — even organized people can have issues with luggage clutter, and the fear of being without what you want and need is not very different from what my clients face when considering *permanently* letting go of things. You make an apt point about creating outfits; I’ve never mastered that. I pack pants, jackets, shirts…I pack options, rather than outfits, which always means packing excess because outfits limit and options expand.

    I will admit, however, it never occurred to me to pack a bathrobe for a business trip. :-)

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