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Book Giveaway: The Organized Mom: Simplify Life for You and Baby One Step at a Time

posted by Anne Marie on May 26, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Rachelle Nelson

    This sounds like such a good book and would LOVE to have one. I am currently 5-1/2 months pregnant and have a 3 year old daughter. Boy, do I need a little simplification advice.

  • kay wolter

    this is so what this woman needs I have crafts and oh so much to get organized

  • Shantique

    I need this book! I work full time outside the home (sole income provider for my family) and I have two precocious little girls ages 2 1/2 and turning ONE tomorrow. My life is full of chaos!! Need help!

  • Leah Kelley

    I would love this book. Having my third baby and I’m a little anxious about it. I have the feeling I might need to be more organized :)

  • Vera

    I would LOVE this book! I need all the help I can get. I have twins boys work and try and have a life!!

  • Robin Hartley

    Sounds like exactly what I need! I can’t wait to read it!

  • Kathy

    I am intrigued!! Ever since we had our first child 6 months ago, my husband has been walking around the house muttering about all the “crap” we have. Our home was small to begin with and now with our daughter’s things, we feel like we are suffocating! Thanks for highlighting this book. I’ll definitely check it out!

  • Debra Turner

    I would love to check this out!!!

  • Janella

    What mom couldn’t use some help getting organized?

  • Melissa

    I would love to have this book..

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