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Be Careful How You Back Up Your Files!

posted by Sarah on March 4, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Nina

    I am sending you a momAgenda now!!!

  • Johnny B

    Hi there. Thanks for the tip. From time to time I like to reinstall the O\S on my machines. Example, I got a Windows 7 disk. I back up my desktop of course but it’s a pain to always have to restore. Now I use free online tools. I use Google Docs for my documentation and Google sync to sync my work calendar with my Blackberry. This way I never have to worry about backup\restores! And it’s always online reachable from any internet connection.

  • Hetty

    awesome article — however what ws the url for the you mentioned in the article?

  • Sarah


    The URL for is: Once you create an account, you can just go to

    Hope that helps!

  • Sarah

    Johnny – thanks for the suggestion for web-based tools, like Google Docs. Do you find that the features are similar? My fear with those is that, particularly with spreadsheets, they will lack in the features department.

  • Anne

    Send Nina a big thank you and get to work using your momagenda – you will wonder how you ever lived without it – then you can always add an electronic calendar on top of that if you even find that you miss it

    Good Luck retrieving everyhting that was lost

  • Amy @ Frugal Mama

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m so sorry about this disaster. Have you tried BackBlaze for backing up all computer files? Only $5 per month and you don’t have to do a thing — it all happens in the background while you are working or while the computer is asleep.

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