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Five things I’ve learned from Project: Unsubscribe

posted by Cass on February 16, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Eva Wallace

    Brilliant! I need to unsubscribe to a few condiments in my life as well. Thanks for the post!

  • krista colvin

    Great post… I also suggest tossing the ‘bad bras + panties + jeans’ along w/those condiments!

  • Michelle Garrison Hough

    I need to do the same exercise. Impulse buys from clothing retailers who e-mail me every other day are hurting my budget!! And I HATE the overcrowded condiment section of my fridge. Hate it.

  • kate hosford

    My husband has devoted a fair amount of time to unsubcribing to mail order catalogues, and it never seems to work. They stop for a time, and then just keep coming. I feel like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, it just seems relentless.

  • Heidi Helene(@DreamFog)

    I always feel like it’d be wrong to unsubscribe. I feel like it’s almost a contract I have, because most of the reason I’ve subscribed or followed or liked is because I’ve entered a contest. I feel obligated to keep them on my list. I also feel obligated to read(at least a glance) every one of the newsletters/ads too. I wish that most of the ones that sent out daily did a weekly one instead. Truly I’d get much more useful info from them.

    • Elle Dee Jay-H.

      If you didn’t win the contest, then it’s fine to unsubscribe. Even if you DID win the contest, if it’s been over a six months, then it’s okay to unsubscribe.

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