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Using Evernote to Clip your Recipes *Video

posted by Cass on February 3, 2010 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Mike Turner

    How funny… someone just asked me, too, if I was being paid by Evernote. I keep raving about it, and retweeting info about it, and commenting on how much I like it.

    I guess I’m a bit of an Evernote addict. ;)

    I also want to say… YOU BEAT ME TO IT! I was just about to find a way to suggest to the Evernote how it can be used for keeping track of recipes. Using the web-clipper, however, upped the ante, and your post about it is even better than my own idea. Good job!!!

  • Candy Silvasy

    Thanks so much for this, I’m just getting started with Evernote & find it helps me keep info better than just bookmarking. PS – Love your products I have the Do & organizer – a more organized life is a more spa like life! Spa wishes, Candy

  • PJSacchetta

    You can also use print screen and a beautiful picture of the entire page gets clipped into Evernote.

  • Dee

    Love this little trick for saving recipes! I actually do this already. It makes it so easy when I can’t remember where I found a recipe.

  • Judi

    Whenever possible for recipe sites, I click on the printable version of the recipe, then clip that version into Evernote. It’s always cleaner than the regular web page.

    PS I’m a TK member, too. :-)

  • Domenico Bettinelli

    Good tip. If I can suggest a couple of additions:
    1. Choose the “print the recipe” page if it has one. Makes it much easier to select just the parts you want to clip without the extra clutter.
    2. If you click on the icon of the elephant next to the address bar instead of the Web clipper bookmarklet, you’ll clip right into the Evernote application skipping the need to sync first.

  • kim

    how/where do you install the “clip to everynote” button in your browser. i like the tip, but having a hard time finding the link or where i install it from ??

    i think this is what i’m missing in evernote. :)

  • Sean

    I’m not really a fan of cinnamon, but those donut muffins look really good.

  • Josh Grossman

    Hi Cass,

    I’m Josh from Springpad – a free personal organizer to save just about anything, including recipes. This was a great video that you posted about new ways to save and organize your recipes. I wanted to let you and your readers know that Springpad also offers a web clipper to save recipes from any website. But, we automatically grab the ingredients for you so you don’t have to cut and paste. The recipes are all then neatly organized in a “recipe folder” within Springpad. You can personalize them with photos, videos, and notes or easily share them with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, or email. We also enable you to easily add the recipes into a mealplanner and generate a complete shopping list or ingredients which you can print or access on your phone.

    Here’s a look at how the recipe is saved in Springpad:

    Here’s a link to the weekly meal planner:

    Hope this helps!


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  • Bev Warning

    Love evernote just need to use it more and figure out its many wonders.  

  • S246

    Can not get the video to play, is there a glitch in the system to ight?

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