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Inject Some Fun in Your Summer – Plan Some “Me” Time

posted by Sarah on June 23, 2009 | print article | e-mail to a friend
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  • Ariana

    I can totally relate to feeling Selfish when thinking about taking me time. It’s hard to think about yourself when you like thinking and taking care of others. My family is all about helping each other and forgetting ourselves, so it is a new skill we have to learn. I also don’t consider me time sitting in front of the TV! Thanks Buttoned Up for these suggestions!

  • Hope

    ahh….I love getting some me time. I could use some right noW!!!

  • Robin Brooke

    My girlfriends and I make a point to have a MNO (Mom’s night Out) every week during the summer…when the kids are home all day, we need to be sure to take care of ourselves…We LOVE IT!

  • Tia B

    After reading this article, I started finding time to spend alone and refresh my way of thinking. At first it was difficult because I felt selfish about leaving my children out of the stuff I was doing and because I ignored everyone. After having me time from time to time, I feel much more relax and condfident that I can deal with everything that comes my way. This article was very helpful!

  • MJ Doyle

    I’m glad you make the distinction between going on vacation and scheduling “me” time. When we have kids, sometimes we need a vacation from the vacation!

    “Me” time should be scheduled every day to ensure we’re rejuvenated. Thanks for the post!

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